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How to join your video appointment

You will receive a text message at your appointment time from NHSNoReply containing a link. Please look out for this text at your appointment time and click the link to access your appointment.

The process can vary depending on your device/operating system, so please following the steps below depending on your device/operating system:

Guidance for video appointments

  • Apple iOS 13 or higher

  • Apple iOS 12 or lower

  • Windows, Android, Other

Here's some tips to get your started:

What do I need to receive a video call?

  • A good connection to the internet: If you can usually watch a video online, you can make a video call.
  • A phone, tablet or computer with a
    web camera, speakers and microphone (these are often already built into laptops and smartphones).

Where do I put my camera?

  • Put the camera on a stable surface so your head and shoulders are visible while talking.
  • Have enough space in front of the camera so we can observe the body part to be examined if needed.
  • Choose a private place where you won’t be disturbed.

How much internet data will I use?

If you can, connect to a home or work Wi-Fi.

  • Usage is around 5-8 Mb per minute (0.48 GB per hour) so please check your data allowance, as going over any data allowances can incur additional costs.

What to wear?

Wear what you would normally wear for a face-to-face appointment in clinic.

  • If you can, wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be easily moved/rolled up. This will enable us to view the affected body part and see how much you can move.

The above guidance is also available in a PDF: Guidance leaflet for video consultation [PDF].

Please note: We will not record your video or telephone call but we will make comprehensive electronic notes and you will be asked if you are happy to share your electronic records with other health professionals involved in your care. Please notify your clinician if you are recording the conversation on your device. Please also note that the advice given is personal to you, so you should not share this with others. It is prohibited to post any recorded information on public websites or social media.