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Health warning cards available in 28 languages

by Phillipa Davies | Aug 16, 2018
Quick reference cards to help physiotherapists and their patients identify if they haveCES slovak Cauda Equina Syndrome and other serious ‘red flag’ conditions are now available,

Passion for the project was ignited following a presentation at the Physio UK Conference and research by Dr Susan Greenhalgh, Chris Mercer and Laura Finucane. It highlighted how physiotherapists are so important in signposting patients to seek help. 

The idea for the translations came from our physiotherapy clinical lead Jayne Davies and extended scope practitioner Komal Bhuchhada who work in Peterborough.

Jayne said feedback about the cards had been ‘wonderful’ since they became available in July: "One of our physios was unable to get a patient to understand whether or not he had Cauda Equina Syndrome. He was able to show the gentlemen the card in his own language, Slovak, and then strike up a conversation which established that he didn’t have this problem."

The acrds are availble in 28 different language here -

Special thanks goes to the team involved and the MACP for supporting this project.