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Resources for our Understanding Pain class
In some cases physiotherapy may not succeed in improving your pain, and it remains persistent and worrying. If this is you then take heart that this is not uncommon.

Our six week 'Understanding Pain' class includes learning about why pain often doesn't behave as we might expect, how to approach it, relaxation techniques, and exercises that are proven to improve the management of persistent pain. This can help you to do the things you want to do with less restriction from your pain.

The Coronavirus pandemic means we have adapted how we deliver this class. So during this time we are offering the 'Understanding Pain' class via video link with small groups of patients. This will be a 60 minute virtual class once a week for 6 weeks. If you are booked for an induction for this class then please download the booklet: Understanding Pain class patient workbook [PDF] 

There is also a PHQ9 Questionnaire [PDF] that we will complete at your 1:1 class induction appointment via video link. 

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