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Rehabilitation and Education Classes

We run a range of classes at all of our sites across Cambridgeshire, which focus on restoring people’s function through specialist and tailored rehabilitation classes. These are run by our rehabilitation instructors and include:

Functional Class
In this class, patients with a wide range of conditions attend over a six week period, with each class lasting for one hour.

One of our rehabilitation instructors will design a bespoke exercise programme with you, which will include using the gym equipment and floor based exercises specific to the condition you attend with.

You would normally be referred into this class by your physiotherapist or clinical specialist physiotherapist.

At the end of this class you may be invited to attend an exercise referral scheme at a local gym, to maintain the improvements you have gained from the class. Find out more on what's available in your area here

Upper Limb Rehabilitation Class

This is a class aimed at upper limb conditions, primarily of the shoulder.

It is a circuit based class with several different exercise stations.

The class lasts for one hour and runs over a six week period.

Prior to commencing this class you will have an assessment with a rehabilitation instructor to agree the most appropriate level of exercise for you.

The class is led by a physiotherapist and rehabilitation instructor and also includes an opportunity for you to have some manual therapy (hands on therapy) if required.

You will normally be referred into this class by your physiotherapist or clinical specialist physiotherapist.

Osteoarthritis (OA) Education and Exercise Class

This class focuses on the best current evidence for the management of these conditions and includes an education and exercise component. This is a one off session lasting 1.5 hours.

You would normally be invited to attend this class if your referral indicates that you have osteoarthritis (age related joint changes). Click here to read more about this class.

Understanding Pain (UP) Class

This is a specialist class based on the BackSkills programme developed by Oxford University. It focuses on improving patients' understanding of persistent pain allowing them to improve their function and management of their condition.

It is run over a six week period with sessions lasting 1.5 hours. Click here to read more about this class.

South Asian Functional Rehab Class - ladies only 

This class was developed by two of our physiotherapists to empower South Asian women and avoid re-referral to physiotherapy.

If you'd like to find out more, please click here.