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What should I expect from my physiotherapy consultation?

Your initial consultation will last up to 45 minutes depending on your needs. The physiotherapist will ask you a range of questions about your problem, as well as complete a thorough physical assessment, which could include looking at your movement and strength.

It would be helpful if you could think about the following before you attend your appointment:

  • How and when did your condition start?
  • What activities/ positions make your symptoms better or worse?
  • Have you had any treatment already for the condition? If so, what was the outcome?
  • Your medical history and any medication.
  • What are you hoping to achieve from physiotherapy?

Following your consultation, you will be able to discuss your condition and the best management plan for you. All management plans are individually tailored to suit your needs. Treatment options might include detailed advice and education on the problem and a tailored exercise programme to address movement quality and function. This can also be reinforced by manual therapy, training and exercises and in some cases electrotherapy. To get the most from your treatment you will be asked to follow advice and undertake exercises at home.

You can expect to be at the centre of your care and any decisions made.

Consent: it’s your choice

When you are asked to agree to any form of assessment or treatment, please remember you have a choice. You are always free to say no or to ask for more information before you make up your mind. If you would like a chaperone in your consultation or treatment, please let your physiotherapist know and we will arrange this.

Anything we can do better?

We are always looking to improve our service. If you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback for us, please discuss it with your physiotherapist or complete a feedback form available online or from our reception desk.

Follow Up Appointments

We run a follow up system called ‘Opt In’ across our service. It is designed to reduce the number of missed appointments by giving you, as a patient, more responsibility for your physiotherapy care. It also gives you more flexibility as to when you return to see us and more choice of appointment times to suit you. If you wish to have further appointments with your physiotherapist, please telephone your local physiotherapy reception.