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Although pelvic floor symptoms are common, it is very important to know that these symptoms should only happen for a short time, should be mild and should improve quickly. 

If you experience any significant pelvic floor symptoms during pregnancy or afterwards, or mild symptoms that do not improve within six weeks of childbirth, then we advise that you seek help. Simple treatments will often improve the symptoms and prevent long term problems. 

Talk to you midwife or healthcare provider

Although pelvic floor problems are common, sometimes there are other reasons for experiencing bladder or bowel symptoms, such as infection or constipation. So discussing your symptoms with your midwife or healthcare provider is a good starting point.  

If your midwife or healthcare provider has suggested you refer yourself for physiotherapy, please see the options below: 

  • If you have a Cambridgeshire GP, you can refer yourself to DynamicHealth via this portal and you can be seen in one of four bases in Cambridgeshire:
    • Brookfields Hospital, Cambridge
    • Princess of Wales Hospital, Ely
    • Doddington Hospital, Doddington
    • Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon 
  • If you wish to be seen at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge please visit [opens in a new window] for information on classes and how to access the service. 
  • If you wish to be seen at Peterborough City Hospital: please visit [opens in a new window] for self-referral information.

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