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Why is a healthy body linked to my MSK condition?

When people talk about healthy lifestyle they tend to focus on eating well and moving more, but both of these can be affected when your mobility is limited due to an MSK condition.

Maintaining a health weight is an important part of keeping you fit and healthy, as your knees, hips and back have to support some, if not all, of your body weight. A healthy weight also reduces your risk of all sorts of health problems including diabetes and heart disease. 

How do I know if I'm a healthy weight?

The NHS body mass index (BMI) calculator is an easy way to find out. It will also provide practical information on any changes you need to make. You'll find more information and the calculator (for adults and children) in the frame below. 


Many people worry that exercise can make their condition worse, but in fact, not moving can do more harm, as your muscles loose strength. There are a number of safe exercises you can do, depending on the affected area of your body, but if you are concerned please speak to our experts who will be happy to reassure you. 

There are also local organisations that can help with self directed gym sessions or fitness classes.

Cambridgeshire County Council lists six things to do (from swimming and walking to gym workouts) and where to find out more.

One leisure logoOne Leisure are health centres in Huntingdon, Ramsey, Sawtry, St Ives and St Neots  and is managed by Huntingdonshire District Council. The website will provide more information about facilities such as gyms, pools and exercise classes.

Vivacity logoVivacity is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with charitable status. It manages many of Peterborough's  culture and leisure facilities on behalf of Peterborough City Council. You will find information about pools, fitness classes, gyms and more.